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Exercise Evaluation and Planning

Fitness assessment and management packages

1. lifestyle, health & fitness evaluation

Expert assessment to gain a holistic picture of your wellbeing.

We perform a range of assessments to gather a holistic picture of your wellbeing. Your scores are then compared to the population average for someone of your age giving each individual a measure of their lifestyle, health and fitness strengths and weaknesses.

  • lifestyle questionnaire
  • body composition assessment
  • aerobic fitness testing
  • strength and flexibility testing
  • injury assessment

Following your evaluation we develop a client profile and produce a lifestyle, health and fitness package. We also have the option of referral onto specialist dieticians, lifestyle experts, personal trainers, physiotherapy and orthopaedic consultants as required.

2. Injury evaluation

Musculoskeletal injury assessment and advice

This service is tailored for those who are suffering from niggling injuries that simply won’t go away or are about to embark on a new training program of any form and are concerned about injury.

Our injury evaluation examines :

  • Joint health
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Functional movement

Following your injury evaluation we will provide you with a report of your findings which can be passed onto your personal trainer or fitness coach. You will also be given an individual injury prevention exercise protocol to help manage any issues that have been highlighted.