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Fitfor/Life Physio, providing physiotherapy in Belfast area and Northern Ireland, treats a wide range of problems. These include, but are not limited to:

Back and neck pain

According to the Office of National Statistics, 31 million working days are lost annually due to musculoskeletal injuries in the United Kingdom, primarily back and neck pain. In financial terms, this comes to the equivalent of one billion pounds.

In fact, the United Kingdom has one of the highest rates of back and neck pain injuries in Europe, with the bulk of them stemming from sprains and strains as well as sciatica, the compression of the sciatic nerve.

Back pain and neck pain (such as that caused by whiplash) can be treated effectively with physiotherapy and surgery can often be avoided.

Sports injuries

Whether you are a recreational athlete or training for a marathon or participate in upper levels of team sports, we can help get you back in the game when injuries occur.

We will help you reduce pain and engage the healing process as well as create follow-up programs to keep your injuries from recurring.

Slipped disc

One of the most painful conditions we treat is a slipped disc or degenerative disc disease. The discs, sometimes called the shock absorbers of the spine, are tightly wedged between the vertebra, the bones that comprise the spinal column. If through injury or disease they fall out of place, they can cause tremendous pain. We will work with you to restore move and reduce pain and plan a rehabilitation program. Our injury prevention program also looks at spinal health and helps determine in advance if you are at risk for this type of injury.


Tendinitis is an inflammation of a tendon, that thick cord that attaches your bones to your muscles. It can overcome you with pain when you are gardening, painting or enjoying your favorite sport. Sometimes it is caused by consistently poor posture. The areas impacted are thumbs, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. We will work to reduce inflammation and engage the healing process as well as educate you on how to avoid recurring issues.

Tennis elbow

While tennis elbow is one of the most commonly recurring repetitive strain injuries associated with the sport of tennis, there is also calf strain, sprained ankles, shoulder pain and backache or stress fractures of the back. We are experienced in treating specific injuries related to each particular sport in a way that heals the problem and prevents it from recurring.

Hip disorders and replacements

When a damaged or arthritic joint is removed and an artificial joint is inserted to take its place, this is known as a total joint replacement. Both hips and knees are commonly replaced to relieve the often severe pain of patients. It is crucial for complete recovery that a guided exercise program is followed in the recuperation phase. We will custom design your rehabilitation program, working closely with your surgeon and physician.

Spine disorders

We have experience and skills in treating both cervical and lumbar spinal disorders with programs that actively involve our patients.

We customize programs of care to assess and treat patients with back, neck and extremity disorders.

Shoulder pain

Injuries that occur in the shoulders, wrists, and upper extremities can cause debilitating pain and impact our ability to go about our normally active lives. Our physiotherapy is effective in treating fractures and dislocations, ligament injuries, nerve injuries, wounds and scars, muscular sprains and nerve conditions. We will work close with your physician and surgeon to customize a treatment plan for you.

Foot pain

If foot pain is impacting your mobility, other health problems can occur. We will help you find the right combination of custom exercise and orthotics to ease your pain and return to the joy of walking and staying active.

Sport Injuries

Sprains, strains and fractures can all impact your enjoyment of your favorite recreational or semi-professional game. We specialize in the treatment of sports injuries with a goal of getting you back to your sport of choice as quickly as possible. We can recommend programs for follow-up treatment and exercise to ensure that the issue does not become chronic.

Pre and Post-operative Physiotherapy

Patients who receive physiotherapy both before and after surgery for correcting fractures or replacing joints benefit tremendously and enjoy a faster and more complete recovery.

We will work with your physician and surgeon to develop a customized program of physiotherapy and exercise to assist in your rehabilitation and return to active living.

Falls and Balance Physiotherapy

At Fitfor/Life Physiotherapy in Belfast, we are able to assist many patients suffering from balance issues that can seriously impact their quality of life and independence.

We will work with you to get to the root of the problem and then through exercise and therapy, work to resolve the issue and get you back to your normal level of activity.


With so many workers sitting for hours each day in front of a computer, there are increased incidents of repetitive motion injuries of the upper extremities including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and even cervical and lumbar disorders.

If your desk is at an improper height or your chair does not fit, this can add up to painful injuries in the long term.

We can help you assess and set up an ergonomic workplace or home office. Our evaluations include an assessment, identification of risk factors and recommendations.

Correction of pelvis and sacro-iliac problems

We are experienced in evaluating and treating abdominal, pelvic, colorectal and gynecologic pain and dysfunction for men, women and children. Available treatments include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, visceral mobilization, pelvic floor strengthening, Pilate’s method, relaxation methods and electrical stimulation.

Hip, knee and ankle rehabilitation

We work with patients of all ages and levels of activity to help you achieve the maximum movement out of your life.

Our science-based techniques are delivered with our years of experience to ensure that your individual problem is met with a customized solution.

In this category you will find a summary of some of the key issues we treat.

Below is a list of several of the treatment options we offer to treat your pain and mobility issues: