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Fitfor/ Physiotherapy

Beginning with an expert assessment and diagnosis of your musculoskeletal injury, we seek out the source of your pain, explain our recommendations for treatment including the expected time frame for recovery, and what will be required at each stage of the healing process.

In the first stage of physiotherapy, our goal is to reduce your pain and restore your normal movement.

Common conditions that we treat include:

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • General stiffness and soreness
  • Reduced mobility

To do that we offer a variety of techniques such as:

  • Soft tissue manipulation and massage – We take a hands-on approach to treating soft tissue injuries using both manipulation and massage to reduce inflammation and start the healing process.
  • Manual traction – We use our hands to provide controlled and specific force to areas of injury to reduce pain. This therapy can be paired with options for traction and self-traction to hasten healing.
  • Joint manipulation and mobilization – This physiotherapy technique involves a passive movement of a skeletal joint to reduce pain and restore mobility.
  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine technique to treat a number of painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes, among others. In the process, the skin is repeatedly penetrated by thin, metallic needs. The process works to correct imbalances of flow at points close to the skin and bring relief from pain and stiffness.
  • Dry needling - Dry needling is a procedure in which the specially trained physiotherapist advances a filament needle into the muscle of a painful part of the body, which typically has a trigger point. When the needle reaches the trigger point, there is a twitch response experienced that deactivates the painful trigger point and restores the normal length and function of the muscle.
  • Kinesiology taping and joint strapping - The body’s natural healing process can be enhanced with the support and stability of kinesiotaping for muscles and joints. Kinesiology taping and joint strapping do not restrict the body’s normal range of motion and its natural soft tissue manipulation enhances the benefits of your regular physiotherapy treatments.
  • Splinting – Splinting is used in case when muscles must be kept rigid to temporarily reduce pain.
  • Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy is when electrical energy is used to speed up the healing of a wound and reduce pain.

In the second phase of your treatment, the rehabilitation phase, we focus on restoring your normal movement and then we move to functional movement. Our ability to utilize the facilities at Virgin Active Belfast allows our rehabilitation services to reach the highest standards.

Among the facilities we offer are:

  • Aqua rehabilitation
  • Gym rehabilitation
  • Electronic personalized exercise protocols

In our general orthopedics work, we do not walk away as soon as you start to recover. We are committed to your continuing care long after you have finished a course of treatment to ensure that you continue to progress and that your injury does not re-occur.

Our after care programs include:

  • Yoga - When practiced regularly, the benefits of yoga include improved muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, postural alignment, body awareness, circulation, digestion, respiration, immune function, bone strength, normalized blood pressure and reduced or normalized body weight.
  • Pilates – Pilates is a system of physical conditioning that can improve overall health and wellness and strength and add flexibility to the body.


Soft tissue assessment and treatment

The same pattern of assessment and care that applies to any musculoskeletal injury is applied to soft tissue injuries. We are able to achieve remarkable results in terms of reduced pain levels, increased levels of flexibility and improved muscle performance.

Treatment methods for soft tissue injuries include:

  • Swedish or Relaxation massage techniques
  • Deep tissue massage techniques
  • Acupressure
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Self-help patient education
  • Foam rolling home exercise programs
  • Self trigger point therapy
  • Stretching routines

Keep in mind that everyone can benefit from therapeutic massage services so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss potential benefits of regular massage.

Injury Prevention

Fitfor/life Physiotherapy in Belfast offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment package to help you prevent injury in life and in your specialized area of sports.

Are you prone to injury? We can help you determine that with our injury evaluation. It examines joint health, strength, flexibility, balance and functional movement.

Two of our principal injury prevention programs include Full Body Musculoskeletal Examination and Movement Analysis.

Full Body Musculoskeletal Examination

This examination is a three-part process that starts with a questionnaire so we can be familiar in detail with your past injury history. The second part is a thorough examination in which we assess your flexibility, strength, balance and joint mobility. The third part is your injury report and a customized protocol for your injury prevention.

Movement Analysis

Adapted from our Fitfor/Posture service, in the movement analysis we assess your functional movement. That means that we assess your movement patterns closely linked to the sport that you play.

We do a:

Video assessment – You perform movements related to your sport.

Digital analysis – We use specialist software to highlight and quantify any movement abnormalities.

Provision – Functional movement report and training protocol aimed to achieve optimal functional movement.

Sports Rehabilitation Services

The sports rehabilitation service at Fitfor/Life Physiotherapy in Belfast is the perfect blend of science, technology and experience. When you participate, you will return to your sport better than ever.

We break down from recovery of sports injuries into three main areas:

Acute Injury Prevention

Our treatment techniques focus on treating the source of pain and restoring normal movement. For a full list of the treatments we offer, see the start of this section.


As you recover from injury and normal movement is restored, we believe in prescribing exercises that are functional to your sport, in other words rehabilitation you with your sport in mind.

Lifestyle/health and fitness evaluation

We perform a range of assessments to gather a holistic picture of your wellbeing. Your personal scores are then compared to the population average for someone of your age, giving you a measure of your lifestyle health and fitness strengths and weaknesses.

Following your evaluation we develop your client profile and produce a lifestyle, health and fitness package. We also have the option of referring you to specialist dietitians, lifestyle experts, personal trainers, physiotherapy and orthopedic consultants as required.

Musculoskeletal injury assessment and advice

This program is tailored for those who are suffering from niggling injuries that simply won’t go away or are about to embark on a new training program of any form and are concerned about injury.

The injury evaluation examines:

  • Joint health
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Functional movements

Following your injury evaluation we will provide you with a report of your findings which can be passed on to your personal trainer or fitness coach. You will also be given an individual injury prevention exercise protocol to help manage any issues that have been highlighted.

Posture and Ergonomic Assessment

At Fitfor/Life Physiotherapy in Belfast, we use cutting edge software to digitally analyses your posture and prepare an individual exercise program.

Posture is vital for your success in being a physically active person. If you are impacted by back or neck pain, shoulder pain, general stiffness or reduced mobility, it will keep you from participating in the workouts, sports, or leisure activities you enjoy.

Detecting muscular and skeletal problems before they become serious and helping eliminate them once they have developed are priorities in our posture and ergonomic assessment area of services.

Our program is custom designed for various ages and people in different areas of work as well as those who are overweight or deeply involved in fitness programs. We will be aware of the particular strains put on your body by your daily activity and circumstances, and take that into consideration in building your plan.